Signs of breast cancer

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Breast cancer in its first stages can be asymptomatic. To prevent this disease, it is important to be able to conduct proper self-examination and explore the signs of breast cancer.

The causes of this disease are not fully understood, but there are risk factors: the age is over 50, breast cancer has already been transmitted, heredity, women who do not have children. In addition, experts distinguish several types of this disease. Each type of breast cancer has its own distinctive features and symptoms.

Forms of breast cancer

Yes, distinguish the following forms of illness:

  • Knot;
  • Swollen
  • Beech-like;
  • Mastitis-like;
  • Paget's Cancer;
  • Armor;
  • Hidden

The first species - the most common, characterized by the formation of nodal tumors. Edema and mastitis-like forms may occur during pregnancy and lactation. A characteristic feature of the edema of the cancer is swelling of the mammary gland. Redness, swelling, and fever are considered as signs of breast cancer with a mastitis-shaped form. Rozhistopodobnaya cancer is manifested by the emergence of areas of redness of the skin with uneven edges. It is accompanied by a high temperature. Paget's cancer is the most favorable form of breast cancer, which is characterized by maceration and ulcer of the nipple. Cartilage cancer is accompanied by skin lesions, as if a condensed shell is formed. Hidden breast cancer is accompanied by signs such as an increase in the lymph nodes located in the axillary region.

The main symptoms of breast cancer

It is necessary to distinguish those basic signs of breast cancer that may be characteristic of all forms of the disease. These symptoms can be detected by women with self-examination:

Signs of breast cancer
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