Signs of botulism

Botulism Symptoms And Treatments (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Botulism is a severe toxicoinfectious disease caused by bacterial toxins of botulism. Signs of illness are manifested, as a rule, during the day, and only in rare cases, the incubation period is delayed to 7-10 days.

Bacteria of botulism can exist only where there is no air. From the ground - a constant habitat of a dispute - bacteria fall on fruits and vegetables, in water, on food products, and then in the intestines of humans and animals. Vegetative forms of botulism die at a temperature effect of 80 degrees for 30 minutes, and at boiling - for 5 minutes. But botulism disputes can be sustained by boiling (5 hours) and killed only in an autoclave.

In the external environment botulism stores toxins for 1 year, and in canned foods - for several years. These toxins are stable in acidic medium, withstand high salt concentration, not destroyed in the process of digestion. The presence of botulinum toxin does not alter the taste of the products, therefore, its presence in the body can only be confirmed by special tests.

Signs of botulism

Depending on the specifics of the clinical picture, there are several variants of the development of signs of botulism:

  • Gastroenterological variant;
  • Full-time version;
  • Clinical form in the form of acute respiratory insufficiency.

Symptoms of botulism in its gastroenterological variant are found in patients most often. It is characterized by:

Signs of botulism

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