Signs of cancer blood

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Blood cancer is a multitude of tumors that originate from cells in the hematopoietic system. As a rule, tumors affect the bone marrow. A typical clinical picture that serves as a criterion for diagnosis does not exist.

The disease is usually detected at the time of dispensary examination, in the examination of the patient.

Frequency of blood cancer is diagnosed with infectious fever, hemorrhagic syndrome, increased peripheral and mediastinal lymph nodes, hepatolenal syndrome, necrotic angina, exophthalmos, phlebitis, cerebral stroke, bulbar lesions.

There are several dozen clinical masks of this disease. diagnosis is established only with the help of morphological studies of peripheral blood, bone marrow, which Mr rovoditsya by sternalnoy puncture.

Development of blood cancer

Malignant neoplasms develop by constant chaotic rapid distribution of bone marrow cells. At the same time, the reproduction of the necessary organism of cells is suppressed.

tumors spread throughout the bone marrow (usually in the sternum or pelvis bone) tumor cells together with rock heart healthy bloodstream to see and palpate the tumor is not possible.

Types of blood cancer

Blood cancer (hemoblastosis) is divided into two groups.

  • First-lei goats that affect the bone marrow. they can refer to the group as benign tumors (chronic lymphocytic leukemia, multiple myeloma, erythremia, myelofybroz deployed monoclonal stage chronic myeloid leukemia) or to a group of malignant (acute leukemia, end-stage chronic myeloid leukemia).
  • The second group is hematosarcoma. They are extracranial severe malignant tumors. Hematosarcomas are formed from blast cells of the hematopoietic system.

Signs of blood cancer

The most important signs of blood cancer are:

  • A rise in body temperature for a small number of degrees, not associated with a cold or other illness;
  • General weakness;
  • Severe bone pain;
  • Headaches, dizziness;
  • Aversion to food, reaction to smells.

These symptoms have no specifics, they DO NOT force a person to seek medical advice. But close people who are in constant contact with the patient, begin to notice and other symptoms:

  • Abrupt weight loss;
  • Dry skin, yellowish color or excessive pallor;
  • Drowsiness or, conversely, human activity;
  • Sometimes spleen and liver suddenly increase.

For this I will be characterized by complaints of patients that the stomach grows, in the hypochondrium there is a severity. There is a bleeding mucous membrane, on the skin of the body there is a small rash.

In the case of tumors, they consist of lymphatic tissue, the first symptom is a painless and dense subcutaneous node, appears in the places of folds (neck, groin, collarbone, axillary cavities).

When detecting such tumors it is necessary to urgently apply to the hospital, pass the blood test and perform an ultrasound examination of swollen lymph nodes. After passing these procedures the therapist should direct the patient to the appropriate specialists (surgeon, hematologist, oncologist).

Signs of cancer blood
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