Signals of the body that should alert you

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There are not many ways in the body to report any problems and discomfort that can lead to serious illness. Changing the color and smell of urine, yellowing of the skin or swelling in our constantly fuss can be unnoticed. Therefore, a wise organism uses a kind of shock therapy - reports on the problem of pain. And to ignore it, especially if it appears in certain bodies constantly, in any case it is impossible. So, let's look at the examples of anxiety pain and learn what we want to say about the body.

Chest pain, Most likely, indicates the problems with the heart started and may be evidence of a possible heart attack. Sometimes heart pain is given to shoulders, arms, stomach, lower jaw or throat. If you suddenly feel unconscious pain in the jaw, seek medical advice immediately.

Lumbar pain Happen quite often and can talk not only about overloading from physical work, but also about problems with the kidneys, which may be sand or stomp up.

Stomach ache Can also indicate problems with the intestines, the kidneys, and for women - with the uterus. If the pain is located in the lower right corner of the abdomen, it may be appendicitis, and then an urgent surgical intervention is required. Spasm in the upper right corner is a sign of possible problems with the gallbladder, and in the upper abdomen and back there are signals about inflammation of the pancreas.

Pain in calves Often explained by fatigue after a hard day or intensive sports. But this may indicate dangerous damages to the veins, or venous thrombosis.

Burning in the hands and feet May indicate a nerve damage (unless, of course, you did not sit long on the curved leg).

Lomot in the body May be a sign of fibromyalgia, when people, and most often women, become very sensitive to pain, they sometimes have a disturbing sleep.

Pain in testicles Maybe not a chance, but a hernia or even a cancer. If you ignore such signals, you can earn impotence. Also, pain in an intimate position may indicate varicose veins.

Permanent joint pain Can talk about wear and tear of cartilaginous tissues, when cartilage begins to age with one another to rub one on one, causing severe pain. This can easily be osteoarthritis.

Signals of the body that should alert you
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