Sick stomach: what to do

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If a stomach is ill, it is always very unpleasant, and sometimes even very dangerous for health. But very often people ignore the signals of their body and are engaged in self-medication, which leads many to the result on the hospital bed, and even on the operating table surgeon with bleeding. What causes can cause stomach pains and what you need, and what do you not need to do if the stomach is sore?

First of all, any severe or acute pain in the stomach can be ignored - whether they are connected with eating or not, with pain in the stomach to be examined.

The stomach has a powerful protective system from damage, but it also contains a very aggressive substance - hydrochloric acid. If the pain is a stomach, it suggests that the factors of aggression began to drastically outweigh the protective ones and that the stomach needs help.

There may be a lot of reasons for pain, some of them require only a review of the diet, and some will need to undergo a course of treatment, sometimes even antibiotics.

If the stomach is uncommon

First of all, the stomach may be ill due to malnutrition or some digestive problems. Usually it is overeating, the occurrence of constipation or indigestion in the stomach with severity and pain.

In addition, the stomach can react sharply and very actively to emotional stress or physical strain. In such cases, it is manifested by dull pain in the peritoneum or weight in the upper abdomen or acute pain, like needles.

Treat this condition simply: you need light food - soup or porridge, mashed potatoes and a strict lifestyle revision, full rest and more attention to your diet. Usually no drugs are required.

The stomach constantly suffers: causes

  • In chronic gastritis, the stomach is always irritated, pain in it usually occurs after taking an acidic or coarse food. It's stupid or aching pains under the spoon, passing after taking the liquid or on their own.
  • Sharp pain after emotional or physical stress, mistakes in the diet are also characteristic of gastritis, but they can also occur with stomach ailment, then they are accompanied by a decrease or pathological increase in appetite.
  • Pain as a result of gastric ulcer occurs shortly after meals, usually in the period from one to one and a half hours. These pains are quite intense, sharp, can be dull with smoking and discomfort in the stomach.
  • But pain two or more hours after a meal usually speak about problems not with a stomach, and from an intestine - it is usually an ulcer of a duodenal gut.
  • Stomach pains at night usually occur with gastritis, as during the day, the stomach acid is extinguished by food, and at night it is irritated with aggressive juices of the walls of the stomach. Under these conditions, analgesics will help little, it is necessary to consult a doctor and immediate treatment. By the time of meeting with a doctor it is necessary to remove from the diet all irritating products - fat, sharp and roasted, so as not to provoke the stomach to release acid.
  • Stomach pains of an acute nature with malaise, weakness and black stool may indicate bleeding from ulcers or erosions, an immediate appeal to the surgeon.
  • With stomach cancer, the pain may be different, but they are always clearly localized in one and the same place. Apart from them, there may not be any more symptoms at all, although most of them are loss of weight, anemia, weakness.
  • With stomach pains, together with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, the language most likely is food poisoning or intestinal infection, although the same clinic can attack acute pancreatitis.
  • Sometimes the stomach may be ill as a result of an acute allergic reaction to certain foods - milk, bright fruits, preservatives, and dyestuffs in food.

What is needed for a doctor

Of course, it's not necessary to put your own diagnosis, but in order to help the doctor in the future in diagnostics, it is necessary to conduct a number of special diagnostic tests.

First of all, determine with the localization of pain: lie on your back, put your palm on your stomach and gently test it, pointing out the place where the pain is most powerful. Listen to your body, whether it's pain in the stomach in the shoulder, to the right, to the left, or it spills all over the abdomen.

It is important to determine whether the pain increases when you click on certain areas, whether it changes over time or when eating. In addition, it is important to note other symptoms in addition to pain - heartburn and blister, pain in the intestine, stool problems and general health, to measure the temperature.

It is important to remember all the details of the initial pain - suddenly it arose or gradually increased, whether it is related to stress or stress, how long the attack lasted, or the pain gradually vanished. Also, note to the doctor what methods have helped you relieve the pain and which medications you took.

Sick stomach: what to do

Advertising promises comfort in the stomach literally from the very first reception of miracle preparations. But is it worth believing everything that is said in the rollers?

It is important to remember - it is better not to joke with a stomach, it is not necessary to test its efficiency, it is possible to get to the hospital for a long time. It is important to discuss the use of any drugs with a doctor, be it antispasmodics, drugs to reduce the secretion or motility of the stomach.

It is strictly forbidden to take medicines without a doctor's permission, such as omeprazole (omez and analogues), de-nal, since these drugs should be controlled by a doctor and have a number of side effects.

And the drug mesim, according to advertising, "indispensable for the stomach", in fact, is a set of pancreatic enzymes and in no way affects the gastric digestion.

What can be taken for fast stomach help before you get to a doctor? In pharmacies without a prescription you can buy "Maalox" and its analogues. This medication helps with stomach ache, heartburn or wheezing, but it can not be taken for a long time, as an emergency medicine for single use.

With spasms of the stomach and acute pain, you can take Spasmalgon, it quickly eliminates the discomfort of the stomach and intestines.

With discomfort and periodic pain in the stomach, you can use the stomach, but strictly with this you must follow the instructions for its use, drink it for at least one to two weeks.

For pains in the stomach, refuse dairy products and irritating food, switch to dietary foods - boiled, steam, liquid dishes. Drink warm mint tea, it relieves stomach cramps and helps digestion. Give up icy and hot drinks, smoking and alcohol.

And be sure to go to the GP or gastroenterologist!

Sick stomach: what to do
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