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Femoral neck fracture is a severe trauma, usually found in people of the older age group who suffer from severe osteoporosis. But after such a disease, many restore health and motor activity.

In elderly people, bone resorption processes predominate over the processes of its synthesis, so patients with a cervical fracture have much less chance of full and natural bone splice.

Despite the severity of the injury, patients can rely on the restoration of motor abilities. Some of the doctors recommend the endoprosthetics of the hip joint.

Most often, taking into account the general condition of the patient's health and the inability to carry out the operation, they are given a set of rehabilitation measures that help improve the processes of bone tissue regeneration and prevent complications that may arise as a result of a sedentary lifestyle after a breakthrough - trophic disorders in soft tissues, Development of muscle atrophy, thrombophlebitis, etc.

Remedies of pain sensations

In the first time after injury, it is important to relieve pain. Used painkillers and sedatives. The position of the patient's body should be such that he feels minimal pain.

For this purpose, special orthopedic devices are used for fixing, which reduce pain sensation by stabilizing the damaged hip joint and pelvic bones. The patient should be on an orthopedic bed.

Hygienic care

In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the body, the prevention of bedsores using special devices and massagers is necessary.

Hardware or manual massage

Massage allows not only partial fill the blood supply of healthy parts of the body through forced hypodynamia, but also reduce pain in the damaged limb, improve blood circulation in it, reduce swelling and prevent the development of complications (bedsores, thrombophlebitis, the appearance of trophic ulcers).

Therapeutic physical education

Given the condition of the patient, doctors choose an individual set of exercises that the patient can perform independently or with the help of a person caring for him. In this case, the maximum possible load on the muscles of healthy limbs and body is given.

With the appearance of elements of bone callus and for the prevention of osteoporosis gradually loaded and injured limb. When performing physical exercises use a support bandage for the neck of the thigh.


Physiotherapy in many cases can reduce pain, improve blood supply and innervations in the diseased limb, and prevent the development of complications.

Social rehabilitation

Of great importance for patients with a hip fracture is the support of the relatives, as successful treatment with restoration of motor activity is possible only with positive mood of the patient.

As a rule, patients with a femoral neck fracture suffer not only from pain, but also from forced hypodynamia, from limitation of contacts with the surrounding world. The first time the patient is in absolute dependence on caring for him people. Therefore, many dramatically decrease the mood, there is apathy and depression, there is a sharp decline in interest in life, increased irritability and emotionality, sleep disturbance and appetite.

In some cases, doctors advise to seek advice from a psychologist relatives of the patient, and, if there is such an opportunity, invite a therapist to him, diversify the patient's leisure, adjust it to a positive state.

Shingles steng's breakthrough: life continues
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