Skin on the buttocks after prick: what to do

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Each of us encountered in his life with various medical manipulations, including those with injections, especially in the buttocks. The contention that arose as a result of the injection can be formed for various reasons: from violations of the rules of procedure to drug allergies.

After injections, various inflammatory processes are often formed on the buttocks. Shishka is the most common anomaly. Finding a cone on the buttocks after the injection, consider the swollen area. If you observe redness, swelling or feel pulsating pain, it is better to contact a surgeon.

Folk and medicinal methods of treating cones on the buttocks

If you have not noticed a significant increase in temperature, there are several ways to solve this problem depending on the degree of difficulty.

  1. Iodine net Apply iodine mesh to the place of seal on the buttocks. Shisha will diminish in size, disappear inflammatory processes.
  2. Lettuce of cabbage. Pick up a piece of white cabbage so that the juice flows out. To attach a sheet to the cone in the area of ​​the buttocks. For the effectiveness of cabbage can be greased with honey.
  3. Medium Chips Mix 1 tbsp. L Butter and one egg yolk, add flour and mix the crumbly dough. Shape a cake and attach to the bacon at night for a few days. For the warm-up effect, cover the cake with cellophane.
  4. Compresses The compress should be on a vodka basis with "Dimecid". Proportion 1: 4. Before using the compress skin, grease it with cream or petroleum jelly. If the cone on the buttocks is started, the cream should be replaced with anti-inflammatory ointment.
  5. Medicines. Ointments from trokserutin and heparin are used to combat seals on the buttocks.

How to avoid inflammation on the buttocks after the injection

To avoid the occurrence of cones after injection into the buttocks, some features of such manipulations should be kept in mind. In western medicine, there are practically no seals after injections. It does not depend on the medical staff, but on the design of the syringes. Western doctors make a prick with special three-component syringes (with a black elastic on the piston). These are special injection syringes without pain and effects. This design moves without jerks, therefore, the injection can be done slowly, which allows you to evenly distribute the medicine in the muscle and avoid the appearance of the cones.

In pharmacies you can find such syringes in a volume of 2.5 ml; 6 ml; 11 ml; 22 ml For syringes of European production, the bright color of the pistons is yellow, blue or green. This "benevolent" appearance of the device allows you to reduce neurophysiological excitation in the field of the brain associated with fear and anxiety.

Another reason for the cones on the buttocks is the wrong choice of syringe type. Many adults regret themselves and make intramuscular injections with a short (insulin) needle. Thus, there is a risk that the medicine will fall not into the muscle, but into the hypodermic fat layer. There the medicine is practically not absorbed, which leads to the formation of cones.

Before any manipulative procedures, carefully examine the methods of injection, especially if they are carried out on the buttocks. The cone that arose due to an improperly selected syringe may turn into a complete abscess.

Skin on the buttocks after prick: what to do

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