Several ways to pull an alien body from the eye

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Often, blacksmills, eyelashes, shavings that fall into the eye and cause inflammation, deliver a lot of unpleasant and painful sensations. Sharp pain, tearing, swelling is not a complete list of a range of unpleasant sensations that may occur due to such a small detail as an alien body in the eye.

The very eyes at the first contact with the foreign body try to reflexively independently to get rid of it - there is plentiful tear, frequent blinking and impulsive pinching of the eyes. But sometimes all these manipulations do not lead to the release of a foreign body, and a person has to take rescue actions independently to prevent damage to the cornea of ​​the eyeball.

Before you begin to seize an outside body yourself from the eye, you should thoroughly wash your hands, arm yourself with a mirror and a clean, dry nosebleed handkerchief. Having determined the location of the eyelashes or dumbbells on the senses, it is necessary to use light-weight sliding movements to age-old fingers, as if to move the eye to the inner corner of the eye. When the beard appears in the inner corner of the eye, it is carefully removed by the tip of the dry handkerchief - the moisture lining quickly adheres to it.

Another option is how to remove an alien body from the eye. If the lash is not pulled out by massage movements - it will have to twist the eyelids. To do this, one hand draws the eyelids, and the second with an ear sticks turn it out and study the inner surface. Gently wipe the eyelids with a paper cloth, pulling out the lashes.

You can also use a cooled chicken egg, which makes a light massage of the age, trying to throw a dash in the corner of the eye - the shape of the egg allows you to make a gentle massage, and its coolness will somewhat calm the pinching of irritation.

If it did not help - you have to wash your eyes. And this must be done accurately and correctly. Take a small cup or bowl, pour the chilled boiled water or saline solution (it is sold in drugstores). Ideal if it is a liquid for washing lenses. Apply a liquid-to-face container - so that you can immerse and pour in the liquid with your eye. This is a reliable method - any lash and dust should wash.

There is another proven way, which is suitable only in the nature when it is not possible to wash your hands and take a sterile napkin. The bugs are tongued - someone has to do with friends or relatives. The tongue needs to be spotted under the age and the eyeball - there is a likelihood that the alien body will fall on its tip and the flour will be finished.

Several ways to pull an alien body from the eye

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