They put the seal, but the tooth hurts - reasons

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There are cases when the just sealed tooth begins to get sick. Sometimes this is due to the individual intolerance of the filling material, and sometimes with poor quality sealing. Have put a seal, a toothache - what causes?

Increased sensitivity and pain in the tooth after the seal is installed - the phenomenon is quite frequent. Put a seal, a toothache, because it becomes sensitive to pressure, air, sweet, cold or hot food. Usually after a while the pain passes. Just during this period you should try to avoid all that can cause irritation and pain in the tooth.

Put a seal, a toothache - the most common cause

In a situation where the seals and the tooth have been sore for 2-4 weeks, it is necessary to consult a doctor. In such cases, the dentist may offer root canal treatments or recommend special tooth extraction toothpastes.

The most common causes of pain after tooth treatment:

  1. The cause of the pain may be the seal itself. If on the opposite tooth already there is a seal and in a newly sealed tooth the pain is manifested in the closing of the teeth, then most likely this pain is associated with the collision of two metals, for example: on one tooth is a gold crown, and on the other silver amalgam. Usually such a pain passes by itself.
  2. If after the filling of the seal, the tooth is hurt for a long time, it may be an allergic reaction to the seal. Typically, the tooth reacts to the metal contained in it. In such cases, the seal is replaced with a seal from another material.
  3. The appearance of pain in a sealed tooth may provoke seal damage. That is, from friction on the tooth the seal is worn out or just breaks down. Man does not feel this, but the dentist at a thorough examination will immediately identify the cause of the pain and take appropriate action.
  4. A good adhesion between the seal and the enamel of the tooth contributes to the ingestion of food particles in the gap formed between them. The caries bacteria begin to develop directly under the seal. The process can easily go into the pulp or provoke an abscess in the root of the tooth root.
  5. If the filling of the carious cavity was very deep, then the pain after filling the tooth reminds the usual toothache. This suggests that channel processing is required.

What will the doctor do?

Pain in the area of ​​the treated tooth can speak of developed caries, periodontitis or pulpitis. Permanent pain for a long time or suddenly abrupt pain aroused - an occasion to visit the dentist's office. The doctor will take an x-ray of the patient's tooth and determine the treatment tactics. After revealing the exact cause of pain, the doctor may either open the seal and re-apply the treatment, or appoint a course of anti-inflammatory drugs, prescribe antihistamines.

Have put a seal, and a tooth all hurts? The main thing - do not panic, you should consult a doctor. It is likely that after a certain time the pain will pass. If pain is caused by a pathological process or an allergic reaction, the dentist will provide adequate treatment.

They put the seal, but the tooth hurts - reasons

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