Sensational discovery: some people get older three times faster

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Some people get older three times faster than others.

This was stated by American and British scientists who conducted a joint study.

As experts have found, it even happens that a person may look 20 years older than his biological age.

They say that time does not wait for anyone, but from the point of view of biology, people do not age at the same speed. At someone's aging processes are slowing down, someone goes at an average pace, and someone goes with the speed of the express. Scientists from the University of Duke in the US and the Imperial College of London have for the first time developed a test that not only allows you to know the biological age of a person, but also set the rate of aging. And the results of this test were unexpected for many volunteers.

In the group of people 38 years of age, some have physiology 30 years old, while in others it was close to 60. The authors of the study believe that the data they received may explain why some people look older than theirs, while others practically do not change Over the years.

Sensational discovery: some people get older three times faster
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