New year's eve secrets for health

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We made a lot of effort to make New Year's holidays a glory - they dropped extra pounds, decorated the house, chose gifts for loved ones and loved ones, carefully thought out the New Year's menu. But is everything so balanced in it and will not add to the holiday of health problems? It's time to make some adjustments to the menu to survive the holidays without harm to health

Yes, you can simply reduce the amount of calories in the festive dishes - it will be enough to change their refueling. Because too fat filling in the form of mayonnaise can nullify all the useful properties of vegetables and herbs and adversely affect the health of blood vessels. To correct this, it will be enough to replace mayonnaise with less calorie sour cream. But even more healthy fueling is vegetable oil, especially olive oil, which should be mixed with flaxseed oil.

For olivier and "herring under a fur coat" vegetables are better not boiled, but baked in the oven - so they will retain more vitamins and flavoring qualities. And herring can be smoked. For refueling, take low-fat mayonnaise and add fish eggs to him, which will give him a fishy taste.

If you decide to cook a duck on a festive table, grease it with honey mixed with butter. To get a perfectly transparent broth in a chill, drain the first decoction immediately after boiling. For the second time after boiling, boil the slow-cooked broth for 8-12 minutes and allow to cool to room temperature. Then take eggs at the rate of 2 pieces per liter of broth and shoot them down. Mixing the broth, pour the eggs and bring to boil. The yolk and protein will curtail, absorb excess fat and float to the surface.

But the candies, which in the majority contain sugar and transfusions, can and should be replaced with pure chocolate. The same applies to all other confectionery products. Abuse of childhood by such products can very soon lead to atherosclerosis. It is better to choose sweets that can not contain transhumans - such as marmalade, bird milk, black chocolate, candied fruits or dried fruit. If you like to bake at home, cook with a grinding flour. You can not use margarine, but only butter, and as little sugar as possible.

In order for the New Year's feast to pass without consequences in the form of extra pounds on its sides, start celebrating only in a good mood - it will be a guarantee of the measure in everything. During the holiday, as in ordinary days, vegetarian food should prevail. Let 75% of plant food account for 25% of the animal.

To the maximum, reduce the number of dishes that have undergone technological processing - confectionery, sausages and pasta, on the contrary, should be less. Limit the amount of pickles, sweet fruits, compotes or jam to the maximum.

New year's eve secrets for health
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