Secrets from psychologists, who will agree to the daughter-in-law

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The age-old problem of many newly-formed bridesmaids - relations with the mother-in-law. Only some people manage to build a truly trusting and respectful relationship, while others can not even imagine how the mother of her husband can be called mother. Psychologists converge on a thought based on certain life rules, thanks to which every daughter-in-law will find a common language with her mother-in-law and may even truly love her.

These secrets will be useful to you if you want to go with the mother-in-law:

1. Respect. This rule is faster than the tip. Psychologists say that the daughter should learn to respect her inmate under any circumstances and who would not be the mother of her husband. Respect her at least for the fact that she has carried, gave birth to a beautiful husband who has married you and is insanely in love.

2. Subordination. Here you need to be extremely cautious and wise. It happens that the mother of a man controls literally every moment of the family life of his son and it is difficult to do anything about it. Believe me, the practice of psychologists proves that such a mother-in-law controller will never change, whatever you do. Therefore, if you want your family to have love and harmony - give yourself introspection and pretend that you are completely submissive to her. Of course, keep her on occasion and live as she advises or orders you not necessarily, but play her and agree with her opinion nobody interferes with you.

3. Permission to participate in family life. There are those in-law who want to help the wife of their son and the self from the pure heart, so they fill the whole space and offer their help absolutely in everything. The neophytes, in part, are ungrateful, unblocked and refuse to help inmates, and psychologists believe that it is very useless. Just let your mother-in-law help you where you really need support and help. For example, you need to take a kid to a hospital and prepare a lunch for a man, but you do not have time, and then there will come a moment when you can ask your mother's husband to help you, and to take the child for inspection or to prepare lunch - it's up to you to decide how She will help you.

4. Mysteries. If your mother-in-law, as you think, has not fallen in love with you since you met her, and constantly reproached you in something, then you must keep a neutral position and in no case keep secret with her, do not disclose any secrets, Do not complain to her on her son and so on. In this case, you can suffer because such inquisitors have a habit of tuning sons against their wives.

Secrets from psychologists, who will agree to the daughter-in-law
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