The secrets of longevity are the ability to forgive - scientists

The Power Of Forgiveness | The Science Of Happiness (Health And Medical Video May 2018).

It is believed that human ability to cope with stress affects her health. Now, experts advise not only to use relaxation techniques to increase longevity. In their opinion, you can not be too demanding, writes The Telegraph.

Need less to blame yourself. If a person does not blame himself for worrying about stressful moments, and the fact that he can not bear himself, he will only benefit from it. Life will be easier and happier. These tips were announced after an experiment on an assessment of the stress level of 41 volunteers. The level of stress was measured over two days when people underwent stress tests.

Volunteers were asked to rate the level of compassion that manifests themselves. At the end of the first day of the test, people forgave a lot of themselves, showed a weakened stress level. And on the second day people did not spare themselves, had a high level of stress, which exceeded the indicators of the first day, until the stress test.

It turns out that people who are not able to forgive themselves are subject to more stress. Moreover, they are clinging to experiences that increase the risk of illness, including cancer, cardiovascular ailments, and Alzheimer's disease.

The level of stress in the study, scientists estimated the concentration of the inflammatory agent - interleukin-6.

The secrets of longevity are the ability to forgive - scientists

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