The season of apricots began, so we put on them for health benefits.

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Apricots are very sweet and juicy, you can eat not only flesh, but also seeds, obtained by breaking the stones, it is also known how useful apricot oil, which has therapeutic and healing properties on the body. We have the opportunity to use apricots in raw form, dried, cooked or cooked, but they always remain mega-useful and delicious.

The benefits of apricot for health have long been borne by nutritionists, they are used to treat and prevent common diseases. Even a lot of sugar in the apricot does not allow them to be included in the list of harmful and caloric products. At 100 grams apricot has only fifty calories, that is, they can safely be used by those who want to lose weight. Plus, in apricot fiber there is a significant amount of fiber, which actively participates in the metabolism and accelerates it.

Apricots are record-breaking in comparison with other fresh products in terms of potassium, the more so in dried apricots (currazy) its number grows almost 6 times. In addition, apricots contain extremely useful provitamin A and vitamins of the group P and B, as well as a sufficient concentration of iron, which is very important for the process of hematopoiesis in the body.

What to eat apricots:

1. Strengthening the cardiovascular system, especially if you have any illness in this area.

2. Improve vision and prevention against its deterioration. Throughout the year, we have the opportunity to eat apricots, dried apricots, jam and so on, so in your daily diet add at least something apricot.

3. Accelerating metabolism and weight loss. Apricots gently cleanse the intestines and make it work like a "clock".

4. Cancer prevention. The apricots contain antioxidants that protect the body from the appearance of cancer cells.

5. For growth and health in general. Apricots are very useful to pregnant women and young children as they participate in the process of natural growth of humans.

6. Improve brain function and calm the nervous system. By consuming apricots, you will quickly recover from stress and boast of perfect memory.

7. In preventive measures for constipation. People who are constantly suffering from constipation should use apricots in any form, since they have a cellulose that removes slags and toxins from the body.

The season of apricots began, so we put on them for health benefits.
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