Scratch lens: dangerous fetish

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An independent use of a scleral lens without the appointment of a doctor can even lead to loss of vision.

The cornea of ​​the eye does not have blood vessels, so it receives nutrients and oxygen, directly from the environment. Any, even the gas-permeable lens itself will complicate the process of breathing eyes.

Sculptural lenses cover not only the cornea, but also the entire visible part of the protein, which further complicates the flow of oxygen to the tissues of the eye.

Wearing such lenses in certain cases is necessary, but it should take place under strict indications and under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. Their independent use for beauty and as a fashion fetish can lead to dangerous eye diseases and even loss of vision.

Sculptural lenses have a diameter larger than the pupil and cornea and from this can visually enlarge the size of the eye, make it more distinct.

In addition, scleral lenses have the ability to diverse artistic design that attracts and constantly increases the demand for them among young people.

Widespread use of scleral lenses in non-medical spheres (in the cinema, on stage), as well as their universal availability (in virtually every online lens store) creates a false sense of innocence of this first strictly medical invention.

What made a scleral lens

Sclical lenses are traditionally made of RMA material. It is good that it is easy to change the shape of the lens - the workpiece is easy to form so that it repeats the surface of the eye and was right for the person.

But this material does not pass through oxygen, which leads to constant danger of corneal edema and its death.

Sclical lens for medical indications

Scratch lenses are shown:

  • With congenital defects of the eyeball;
  • With increased sensitivity of the cornea;
  • In the treatment of keratoconus;
  • In some cases, strabismus.

In these cases, as a rule, lenses are made of oxygen-missed materials that allow to minimize the probability of corneal edema.

However, existing gas-permeable materials are heat-resistant plastic, which can be provided with the shape of the surface of the eye with the help of heating and imprint. Such a lens should be turned on a special machine and adjusted to the shape of the eye with the help of diagnostic equipment. Therefore, the correct process of making a scleral lens is quite long - an average of about six months, which include a multiple visit of a doctor.

The selection of the lens includes:

  • Taking exact sizes;
  • Trial fitting of the first transparent lens, after which the patient takes it with him for alternating specimens independently;
  • During the next few visits, an ophthalmologist (technician) observes the patient's addiction to a new lens, introducing small changes in the size of the lens to achieve maximum results both from the side of comfort and from the appearance;
  • Final fitting, making the last minute changes and marking the front of the lens;
  • The artist can carry all the tiniest details of a healthy eye on the lens - blood vessels, shadows;
  • The patient receives a finished lens.

It is important to know

Scratch lenses can not be bought at the store. No seller of lenses will choose a scleral lens with maximum eye safety. Moreover, it is impossible to do it on their own.

Even a well-chosen scleral lens should be used under the control of an ophthalmologist, since this is a foreign body for the eye, and even a professionally-selected lens can cause a blurred eye in the process of wearing, infecting the infection, causing oxygen starvation in the tissues of the eye.

These changes should be detected and prevented in a timely manner, otherwise developed infection or running hypoxia will lead to blindness.

Scratch lens: dangerous fetish
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