Scientists called the unusual "medicine" from the hangover

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You were very good yesterday? Have you had a great stay in a cafe with friends and classmates, or did you mark the Day of the Motorist with the garage neighbors? Did you successfully go to the mother-in-law to visit the mother-in-law and tried the father-in-law's "homo"? Have you had a gay company or did you just get drunk with a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror? There is little that was the reason, the reason, and the company - in the morning you just split your head, and you know exactly where the favorite Murchik wife spiked out.

What will you do in this case - look for a brine or run in a pharmacy, take a contrast shower or "polish" a hangover beer? Everyone has long worked out his effective recipe - experience and practice helped to find the "key" to the body after an overdose of alcohol.

But not so long ago was found another, quite effective way against the hangover - American scientists found that the syndrome of a hangover can be overcome by listening to your favorite track list. It turns out that music can provide a relaxing effect on almost all types of pain, including migraine and hangover.

Scientists agree - music, of course, is not as strong as, for example, morphine and can not relieve pain completely, but can definitely fight the symptoms. At the same time, experts say that because of its influence on the body pleasant melodic sounds can be completely stretched with Tylenol - a popular analgesic on the basis of paracetamol.

Discoverers of this technique of struggle with a hangover assure that the favorite music allows patients to distract from painful feelings and plunge into positive experiences, eliminating the use of any chemical preparation.

Former head of the American Academy of Pain Medicine and member of PRA Health Sciences Lin Webster said that in his opinion, migraine is similar to a hangover - the patient in that, and in the other case, I want to avoid all the sharp and loud. "But if theoretically music distracts you and Relaxes, then it is definitely capable of bringing relief from pain, "Webster said.

Earlier, scientists argued that drinking alcohol before drinking Asian pear juice significantly reduces the symptoms of a hangover.

Scientists called the unusual "medicine" from the hangover
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