Scientists named the age from which the true aging begins

The Science Of Aging (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Aging is a process that is fully exposed to research. And it directly depends on the production of myelin, protective envelope of nerve cells. As it has been established, up to 40 years the amount of myelin produced is reduced, which negatively affects the work of the brain, cardiac activity. In addition, the locomotor function is impaired, muscle elasticity is reduced.

If damage to myelin is too strong then multiple sclerosis begins, writes "Century". In general, the process of reducing myelin production is irreversible. Sport, proper nutrition only supports health, but does not increase longevity. Although some experts believe that there is no clear mark from which aging begins.

It is influenced by many factors. For example, late childbirth affects the life expectancy of a woman. And scientists from the University of California found out: proper nutrition, sport and sleep are able to slow down aging at the cellular level. A healthy lifestyle, even in stress, helps to neutralize negative effects and maintain normal functioning of the body.

Another method of inhibiting the aging process and preventing the development of age-related diseases is the activation of the AMPK gene. If this method is well-proven, you can forget about the search for medicines for heart disease, blood vessels, cancer, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. The mechanism of disease development at the cellular level will be broken.

Scientists named the age from which the true aging begins

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