Scientists: modern developments allow a person to live for at least 500 years

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President of Google Ventures, Bill Mercer, in an interview with Bloomberg, said he believes it is possible to increase his lifespan to 500 years, thanks to the discovery in medicine and the development of biomechanical technologies, writes Forbes.

"If you ask me today whether it is possible to live for up to 500 years, I will answer:" Yes, "he said." In the field of life sciences, there are tools that allow you to achieve something that you just dare to think. I just hope Live long enough not to die, "said Merris.

He said that Google Ventures does not plan to give up investment in technology startups. The projects supported by Google Ventures include the Uber Taxi service, the Nest Labs residential and office room thermostat manufacturer and Cloudera software developer. At the same time, the president of Google Ventures noted that there is an opportunity to make "more".

"There are many billionaires in the Silicon Valley, but in the end we will all go to the same place. Choosing between making a lot of money and finding ways to make people live longer, what would you choose?" - He asked.

Bill Merris studied neurobiology at American Duke University. In recent years, he has been working on projects to extend his life span. Google's current approach is that a modern person can attain the age of 120 at the expense of the right lifestyle. However, then she will need help from a new generation of cars in order to extend his life to virtually infinity.

At the International Forum "Global Future 2045" held in New York last year, the famous American futurist and inventor Raymond Kurzweil said that 30 years later, mankind will learn to provide a virtually unlimited life by creating new, compatible with the human body of new biological machines.

According to Kurzweil, the development of computer technology and neurobiology will permanently save the brain of an individual. At the same time, progress in other branches of medicine will make it possible to change in the body "organs that served their term."

Scientists: modern developments allow a person to live for at least 500 years

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