Scientists: memory of salmon is much worse than those who do not eat sweet

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As it turned out, for the brain it is useful to support low blood sugar levels. Therefore, lovers of "sweet" better to refrain from chocolates and cakes.

More than 100 people with an average age of 63 years participated in the work of the scientists. Before and during the study volunteers had no diabetes. In addition, volunteers who had overweight, drank more than three and a half servings of alcohol per day, and had problems with memory and thinking, were excluded from the team before experiments began.

In the process, scientists noticed that those participants who had relatively low blood sugar levels were better able to cope with tests on memory. And those who had a higher sugar level could only play memory from the list in 30 words. Participants also had a brain scan to measure the size of their hippocampus.

"These results indicate that people whose blood sugar is within normal range, aiming to reduce it can be a promising strategy to prevent problems with memory and cognitive impairment in the future" - say the authors.

"We already know that diabetes of the second type is a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease, but new research shows that higher levels of blood sugar can also cause problems with memory in people without diabetes," - commented professionals.

Scientists: memory of salmon is much worse than those who do not eat sweet
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