Scientists have told why people are losing their memory of childhood

How Memories Form And How We Lose Them - Catharine Young (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Scientists have found out why we forget what happens to us up to 3 years. The whole thing is in neurogenesis.

During this process in our brain there is the formation of new cells. At the same time, memories are erased, and new ones come to their place. According to experts, this is a protective reaction of the body from excessive information. Neurons are actively formed in childhood. Then it slows down, and in adulthood the slowing down becomes very strong.

Scientists have experimented with mice. The experiment involved adult mice and very young, at the age of 17 days. The mice were put in a cage, and through the floor missed a weak current. So after a while, adult mice had a panic when they were again put in a cage. Anxiety was observed even one month after the experiment. Young mice showed no signs of panic. We managed to find out that just a day after the experience, young mice had forgotten the unpleasant feelings.

There was another experience with the participation of adult mice. They had a fear of the cage. Then some individuals artificially caused the birth of new neurons. Experience has also shown that accelerated neurogenesis helped to quickly forget the fear of the cell.

Creating new neurons not only improves memory and learning ability, but also helps to forget the old information.

It should be noted that only recently the process of neurogenesis has been proved, because it was previously thought that the nervous system is not capable of regeneration. At first it was thought that the process of updating the nervous system exists only in singing birds. Later it was proved that humans and other mammals also possess neurogenesis.

Scientists have told why people are losing their memory of childhood

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