Scientists have told why it is harmful to "extinguish" their own emotions

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Scientists investigated the risk of suppressing emotions by humans and came to the conclusion that self-restraint is categorically impossible. Naturally, every person should understand the difference between emotions and aggression, because some people break at all and everything, while still feel themselves not comfortable, and others - on the contrary, feel joy when someone hurt or "injured" the word. The latest research was based on the suppression of emotions, when people constantly keep themselves constrained and accumulate a negative.

Some people even manage to restrain joy and happiness, although the scientific substantiation of such acts has not yet been revealed. Often, people tend to suppress all negative or simply unpleasant emotions in their own right and they do it in order not to offend their people around them. For example, in the relationship between husband and wife, it is imperative that someone from time to time restrains the anger or indignation with any chance, so as not to provoke a scandal or even a break in relations.

Scientists insist that the suppression of emotions does not lead to anything good and only in time to throw out their vision of the situation can improve mental health. The accumulated negative sooner or later will necessarily show itself, most often a person who keeps restraining himself, starts to abuse alcohol, so she shows his inability to decide something and the fact that at the moment it is in a dead end.

The most terrible consequence of the deterrence of emotions is murder or suicide, for example, when a person sustains his abuser for a long time, agrees with his thought from what can not be contradicted, along with the negative accumulate anger and insult, and eventually or kills who "poisoned "She lives, or sets hands on herself. And in that and in another case - it's a tragedy and to prevent it, scientists are advised to stop restraining their emotions.

If you listen to the thoughts of scientists, then you will allow yourself to live your life with a positive and joy, without the image of the past and negative accumulated over the years. Moreover, in your life and in the lives of your loved ones there will be no underexposed words and emotions that in the future may lead to discord and terrible scandals, but even worse - to tragedies. Try to flutter your emotions here and now, no matter how they are, then it will be easier for you and others to live.

Scientists have told why it is harmful to "extinguish" their own emotions
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