Scientists have told how free time affects health

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Part of modern people prefers to work in free graphics. In this regard, experts from the United States decided to study how this type of work affects human health. Scientists gathered a group of volunteers and during the year closely followed the changes in their state of health.

The staff of two American universities (Pennsylvania and Oregon) selected 500 volunteers, which were divided into two groups. The first consisted of those who followed the usual daily work schedule, spending 45 hours per week in the office. In the second group there were people who were offered to work in free schedules, but in such a way that during the whole week they also worked out the established 45 hours. Unlike volunteers from the first group, they visited the office when they thought fit, and still worked at home (also at their own discretion).

The experiment lasted a year. When summing up its results it became clear that volunteers from the second group increased the duration of sleep - at 1:00 a week. This increase has the most favorable effect on the health of the subjects. "From the appearance the figure seems very small, but given the transition to a free work schedule, the quality of sleep has improved, which has improved the physical and emotional state of volunteers," explained Oregon University staff member Ryan Olson.

Also, the study showed that the free work schedule not only influenced the sleep and health of the subjects, but also positively affected the quality of their work. In particular, such positive changes as increased concentration and assemblage of people, speed of reactions and their abilities to process the information received were noted.

The scientists noted and the fact that volunteers from the second group significantly reduced the number of work and family conflicts.

"This is undoubtedly due to the fact that people began to fall asleep, because lack of sleep often causes irritability. People who fall asleep easier to concentrate on work and on personal affairs, which positively affects their quality," the authors of the study emphasize.

Scientists have told how free time affects health

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