Scientists have talked about the benefits of proper posture

Health And Medical Video: The Benefits Of Good Posture - Murat Dalkilinç (June 2019).


Studies have shown that good posture usually increases confidence and self-esteem.

"Hold your back exactly!" - Just like your mother in childhood, you must constantly repeat this motto. This good posture really benefits, and not just the backbone.

Equal posture - a simple and effective way to increase self-esteem and more effectively interact in the society. You will have greater self-confidence if you just develop your habit of keeping your back and standing straight. "All the effects of stress are reflected on your body, and with your straight back you will look more energetic and promising," psychologists explain.

"Equal posture allows your body to relax and tell the brain that you are in good shape, which increases the level of testosterone and improves performance." Changing the level of testosterone results in a psychophysiological effect, equal in intensity with the victory in the sporting tournament, "explains the cognitive psychologist from the California University of Dana Carney.

Studies have also shown that the habit of sitting exactly in the chair helps to increase energy and reduce depression. A good posture helps to reduce stress and negative feelings. With a flat back, you'll be less worried and worried about trivialities.

A good posture can also improve your character traits and performance - for example, the determination to keep up to date and do what you need to do, avoiding procrastination. Next time, once you have an important meeting, you should straighten your shoulders!

Scientists have talked about the benefits of proper posture
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