Scientists have said that self-discipline worsens memory

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American scientists from the University of Duke found that self-discipline undermined our ability to memorize the most important information.

During the study, experts gathered a group of volunteers and showed them 120 male and female faces.

At the same time, participants in the experiment were asked to press the button whenever they saw a person's face on the computer screen, but did not press when looking at the woman.

Also, after that, all the volunteers passed a test of memory, during which they had the task of remembering the people they saw. The result showed that men remembered much better than females, whose review was related to the deterrence reaction, that is, just a manifestation of willpower. Scientists have scanned the brain and determined that self-discipline affects the part of the memory associated with the brain and weakens it.

"Memories are worse off in our head if we demonstrate self-control, thus suppressing any natural reactions," says Professor of Psychology and Neurology Tobias Egner.

Scientists have said that self-discipline worsens memory
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