Scientists have learned to make prosthetics of the ear canals

How Prosthetic Eyes And Ears Are Made (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

The 9-year-old English schoolboy recently realized the dream of all her short life - parents bought him a fashionable sunglasses. A child born without auricles, thanks to a unique technique, received normal ears this spring.

Hemifacial microsomia is one of the most common fetal abnormalities that can be manifested by various deformities of the facial tissues.

Keiran Sorkin, a young resident of the English city of Bush in Bushey, Hertfordshire, this congenital anomaly manifests itself in the absence of both ears. He also had very serious hearing problems.

When the child grew up, he, with the advice of his parents, concealed a defect under long hair - but a long hairstyle could not help wearing a hearing aid, and the boy could not use glasses either.

The surgeons from the Children's Clinic in London came to help the child. They used fragments of cartilaginous tissue, which was taken from the ribs of Cayran, to form the ear canals. From the cartilage, they formed the ear canals, and as an example used the ears of the mother of the child. The tiny "ears" were sewn to the tissues of the head in the places where they were to be born.

Some time after, when the "skeleton" of the ears reached the required size, the doctors covered them with scraps of skin taken from the head of Cayran. Recently, doctors have told the boy that the treatment process is completely complete - outside of his ear canals now can not be distinguished from the "true". Cayan now not only with pleasure wearing sunglasses, but also lost the need to wear a "a la beats" hairstyle all year round.

Scientists have learned to make prosthetics of the ear canals

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