Scientists have found out the whole truth about feminine friendship

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American and Canadian sociologists argue that women are actually less likely to compete with each other than men, and men can be perfectly acceptable partners. The researchers observed the teachers of both sexes and their interactions when performing scientific work in dozens of universities. In total, they managed to study the behavior of researchers from 50 universities in the United States and Canada.

As the study showed, with colleagues of the same sex, both men and women co-operated equally well. Otherwise, according to the observations of sociologists, this "war of articles" began. It also turned out that women work best in pairs, and men - in large groups. The authors of the study described their findings in the journal Current Biology: "It is considered that it is easier to cooperate with women because they are more inclined to consent, but when you look at how they perform their functions in the army or in the composition of sports teams, you come To the conclusion that with men in some sense easier to use."

Although the study was focused on the world of higher education, the authors believe that its results can be extended to all areas of human activity. "When I was at elementary school, I noticed that boys usually interact in groups, while girls usually Focused on the relations of tete-a-tete "- said the lead author of the study.

"You can see it with the naked eye as boys of 5-6 years form these large, free groups, and their peers are closed couples. Benenson also states that" chimps organize their relationships in practically identical ways."

Scientists have found out the whole truth about feminine friendship
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