Scientists have figured out how to overcome daytime drowsiness

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For a huge number of people, daytime drowsiness is a serious problem: it prevents concentration, does not allow you to work normally.

Coffee is used to obtain the desired vivacity, but scientists consider this method to be false. According to them, chocolate is much more effective than drowsiness in the afternoon.

The fact that chocolate is a great way to drive a dream and set up a brain for active activity, researchers at the University of Northern Arizona said. The results of their scientific work on this issue were published in the journal NeuroRegulation.

In an experiment organized by experts, 122 participants aged 18 to 25 received chocolate with high (at least 60%) cocoa or placebo. An hour before eating chocolate, as well as an hour after all the volunteers were taken off the EEG (electroencephalogram), and, moreover, - blood pressure was measured and the psychological state was recorded.

After analyzing the findings, the researchers concluded that chocolate helps people cheer up more productively than traditional coffee in this situation. According to experts, admission to the body of chocolate best stimulates the activity of the brain, improves the reaction and the ability to concentrate.

So, to everyone who begins to sleep in the afternoon, doctors advise to eat a little chocolate, moreover, not milk, but dark.

"Many of us, in particular, students, become sleepy and scattered throughout the day, they can not concentrate. Chocolate with high cocoa content will effectively help to cope with this condition," said Larry Stevens, lead author of the study. According to the expert, he himself regularly uses this method.

Scientists have figured out how to overcome daytime drowsiness
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