Scientists have explained what the reason for spring passions

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Very soon spring will come, which means - and hope for a new love! Have you ever wondered why with the advent of spring chances to fall in love grow?

Spring is considered the most romantic time of the year, and it's not for nothing: in the spring most of all people fall in love - who for a couple of weeks, and who and for life. Why does the advent of love lead us to love affairs?

Scientists have conducted an experiment, and it turned out that in good times people often get to know the streets. And all because the sun raises the excitability of the nervous system and activates the activity of the adrenal glands, which in the spring secrete more hormones. For example, testosterone, because it is he who is responsible for the sexual attraction. And also serotonin, which is called the hormone of happiness. Another hormone whose content rises - corticosteroid. It is in the spring that its quantity rises, then decreases - hence the incomprehensible tiredness, which is called "the tenderness of the heart", and unreasonable joy.

It is believed that the most favorable period for carrying the baby is summer-autumn: the body of a woman is full of vitamins, and the chance to have a healthy baby is much higher. Maybe that's why nature has taken care that on the eve of summer we have not only fall in love, but also conceive a child? By the way, with the advent of spring in women, as a rule, the cycle is normal - it's time to think about a child!

If you go deeper into history, you can find that many nations saw the onset of the new year with the arrival of spring. At a time when all nature awakens and comes to life from hibernation, we desperately want something new. New work, new friends, new relationships. And we are easier to come in contact with the opposite sex: suddenly he is my judge?

A significant role in the fact that the activity of men grows in the spring, and plays a visual effect. Girls throw off wry warm winter jackets over the winter and show their lavish figures with pleasure. This is then, in the summer, when the heat begins to melt the brains, the husband will be the same as the girls on the street in the mini, so that there was a cold beer near it. In the spring, the temperature regime is most favorable for both walks and acquaintances: it's not cold yet, but not hot yet.

Scientists have explained what the reason for spring passions

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