Scientists have discovered a plant that can keep youth and longevity

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So, women in Okinawa still live a long time - an average of 87 years, it is one of the highest rates in Japan. The average life expectancy of men is 79.4 years.

Sinkhi Tavada suggested that the secret of long residence can hide in the diet of the island population, and more than 20 years have tried to prove it. In a recent worm experiment, he showed that the average length of their life increased by more than 20% when fed to the Alpine.

The Alps still grows in the wild, it has wide green leaves, red berries and white flowers. Residents of Okinawa, this plant has been used for centuries, but only today, scientists have found that ginger lily is rich in resveratrol - an antioxidant found in red grapes.

"Today, people eat too much fast food and life expectancy drops, while the incidence of obesity increases, it's time to restore useful culinary traditions," says Professor Tavada. As part of a traditional diet, he offers the use of vegetables, fish and algae. Some local recipes for longevity have long propose to use this plant in the form of a water extract that is taken internally, or as a cosmetic ingredient that smooths wrinkles.

Scientists have discovered a plant that can keep youth and longevity
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