Scientists have developed a test to determine the length of life

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Brazilian physiologists believe that physical exercise, consisting of the ability to quickly sit on the floor and just as quickly get up without the help of hands, can measure physical endurance and human flexibility.

They have developed a special assessment system based on the 10-point scale. It turned out that people who received 3 or less points for this exercise were 5 times more likely to die than those who received more than 8 points in the next six years.

Initially, one of the creators of this test, Claudio Gil Araujo of the Gama Filho University in Rio de Janeiro, developed a test with his colleagues to assess the flexibility of professional athletes, but then decided to use it among all of their patients who need to maintain physical activity to maintain muscle Weight and durability. With age, our muscles become weaker, stability is lost, which increases the risk of falls.

Existing today's techniques for evaluating physical endurance take a lot of time, are not too practical and accurate for doctors who prepare patients for surgery. Dr. Araujo says that anyone can safely pass this test, which does not require any special tools to perform. At the first stage, it is necessary to sit on the floor, folded the legs in front of it, and in the second stage, get up quickly. For the first and second stage, respectively, give 5 points. The total number of points is subtracted one at a time if you use your hands or knees to support yourself. Half the ball is subtracted every time and for a noticeable violation of stability, deflection, inclination, etc.

Scientists have developed a test to determine the length of life
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