Scientists: good music - like a seasoning for food

Does Music Make Food Taste Better? Ft Linkin Park (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Psychologist Charles Spence of Oxford University found out: background music is able to make food taste better. Because of slow music, the taste sensations last longer, and cheerful music makes them quickly disappear. The specialist conducted an experiment using modern technology.

According to the scientist, music can replace spices. Thus, the French dish seemed to the participants of the experiment much tastier with the sounds of the French accordion, and the music of the Italian composer Puccini perfectly complemented the pasta. The same results were obtained by the researcher for German, Spanish and Greek cuisine.

The more volunteers music liked, the more delicious it seemed to them that they ate. But too low sounds made food a bitter. Charles Spence says: there is a transfer effect here. Human thought about music affects his impression of food. Therefore, it is important to combine food with the right music.

For example, the sounds of the piano are good for sweet fruits and berries, such as blackberries, apricots and strawberries. Ordinary sounds also have a similar property. For example, the rustic sound enhances the taste of crunchy crust. In fact, the sound is closely linked to taste sensations. Our ideas about favorite dishes are often accompanied by certain sounds.

Scientists: good music - like a seasoning for food

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