Scientists from avtsralii: the idea that weight loss should be gradual - erroneous

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Australian scientists working at Sydney University have conducted a preliminary study, planting a certain number of people with a body mass index of more than 30-40 on a low calorie diet, and found that the experiment participants absolutely do not experience terrible famine and therefore lose weight well. The most important thing that scientists have understood is that during a low-calorie diet for weight loss, a person does not suffer, and as a result, her psyche remains unchanged in a healthy state.

Researchers want to prove that no diet can justify itself simply because during it, a person feels constant hunger and it slows down the natural rate of metabolism, but with the help of low-calorie foods and various food substitutes, one can easily lose weight and live fully.

Such an innovation completely contradicts all the opinions of nutritionists, because they say that it is desirable for the human body to gradually lose weight, and not sharp. In response to this fact, Australian scientists want to conduct a new study in which obese participants will be offered 5-6 months on a low calorie diet in order to actually understand what is best for the body - rapid weight loss, but a healthy psyche or gradual weight loss with frequent breakdowns and Mental deviations.

The study will be attended by 100 women suffering from different degrees of obesity. Their diet will consist of low-calorie foods and water, in a day they will use no more than 800 Kcal. The results of the study will be known in the near future.

Scientists from avtsralii: the idea that weight loss should be gradual - erroneous
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