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Dodger is a viral disease that occurs with severe damage to the nervous system and often leads to death.

The causative agent of this disease is the rabies virus (Neuroiyctes rabid), which belongs to the group of micro-viruses of the genus Lassavirus, which has the form of a rifle ball and contains single-stranded RNA.

The rabies virus is very resistant to freezing, antibiotics, phenol, but is destroyed by acids, alkalis, intense heating (when boiling inactivated for two minutes), is sensitive to ultraviolet and sunlight.

How the rabies develops

The source of infection is infected domestic and wild animals: foxes, wolves, cats, dogs, horses, bats, small and large cattle.

The rabies virus is released into the environment through the salivation of an infected animal or human. In medicine, there are cases where people bitten outside of healthy animals were infected with a rabies virus. Also, the possibility of transmitting a virus from person to person is not excluded.

After getting into the body, the rabies virus spreads through the nerve trunks, striking the entire nervous system. The rate of spread of the rabies virus through the nerve trunks reaches about 3 mm/h.

Propagating in the nerve tissue (sympathetic ganglia, dorsal and cerebral, nerve nodes of the adrenal gland, salivary glands), the rabies virus causes its characteristic changes: edema, hemorrhage, necrotic changes in nerve cells.

The rapid destruction of the neurons occurs in the cerebral cortex, the cerebellum, in the black matter, in the hump, the cranial nerves, in the middle brain, the podbugornoy area and in the bridge of the brain.

The incubation period of the rabies virus takes an average of 1-3 months, but sometimes - from 10 days to 1 year.

The length of the incubation period is influenced by the localization of the bite location. The shortest incubation was observed at the bite of the infected animals of the person, the human head, after the upper extremities, and the longest may be the incubation period at the bite of the lower extremities.

Stages of the disease

First (initial) stage Accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the area of ​​the bite, pulmonary pain, smoking, hyperesthesia of the skin, increase in body temperature. Also, the first manifestations of a nervous system disorder (with bites in the face, head) may appear - unclear fear, anxiety, depression.

On Second stage The victim feels anxiety, which manifests itself as a clinical symptom of waterborne disease, aggravation of reactions to any pathogens.

The third stage, A period of paralysis, associated with the loss of activity of the cerebral cortex. It differs sharp decrease in motor, sensitive system of the patient's body.

The body temperature rises to 41-42 degrees, there is tachycardia, hypotension. The fatal outcome occurs after 13-20 hours as a result of paralysis of the heart.

Scam: what you need to know
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