Scabies: who is sick of her and why

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Scabies - a contagious skin disease caused by scabies (scabies) Sarcoptes scabiei var. Hominis This is one of the most common skin diseases. At the end of the XX century, about 300 million people on the planet suffered from scabies (5% of the world's population).

Ways of infecting scabies

It is now considered obsolete and inaccurate information about domestic infection with scabies. Transmission of the pathogen from person to person occurs in the vast majority of cases in direct contact with the skin of the patient. Most often - during sexual intercourse. Further, the degree of risk of infection followed by a common dream, contact games, sports and handshakes. As a result, the highest incidence of scabies in Ukraine is among the students. They are followed by schoolchildren and preschoolers.

The domestic path of infection is extremely unlikely due to the peculiarities of the physiology of scabies. First, it takes at least half an hour to penetrate the skin. Secondly, without a human, the mite does not live long: at 21 0 With humidity and 40-80% it dies during the day and a half. Moreover, the higher the temperature and the dryer air, the faster it happens. Finally, in order to become infected with scabies, it is necessary that the fertilized female mite crushes from one person to the other, and ticks are active only at night.

Symptoms of scabies

Night scabies. Because of the nightlife of scabies, the most characteristic symptom of the disease is nocturnal itching. Day mite does not bother his master. However, at night, in the period of maximum activity of ticks, an irregular itch begins, which often leads to sleep disturbance.

Sharp walk. From the moment of "spilling" the tick to the new owner until the first symptoms can occur, it can take up to 4 weeks. After some time it becomes apparent the characteristic scabies moves - slightly climb over the skin line white-gray in color from 1 mm to 1 cm in length. The tick is barely noticeable in the form of a dark point in the anterior blind end of the stroke. There are cases of scabies, in which the moves can not visually identify.

Rash and irritation on the skin. Itching and inflammation of the skin at scabies is an allergic reaction of the body to saliva, eggs and excrement of ticks. However, if combing combines a bacterial infection, then on the scapular stroke develop abscesses.

Most pimples choose a more delicate skin between fingers, on the inside of the wrists and on the penis skin. Subsequently, the mite develops elbows, feet, armpits and areas under the chest in women, abdomen and buttocks.

Interestingly, scabby ticks do not like the human sweat. Its composition consists of antimicrobial proteins, and to them ticks are sensitive. There have been cases when tidy people were sick with scabies for months and even years, not guessing about it and writing off constantly irritating to allergies or dermatitis.

By the way, urticaria, allergic dermatitis, microbial eczema - these diseases are complications of scabies, along with boils, abscesses, as well as lymphadenitis and lymphangitis.

Diagnosis of scabies

When applying to a patient with complaints of itching, it is precisely the scabies that are excluded in the first place. Especially if in a family or in a group it is not the first treatment on a similar occasion.

The diagnosis is based on the results of microscopic analysis of scrapings from the affected areas. The analysis is carried out in any skin and venereal dispensary or dermatologist. The purpose of the diagnosis is to detect scabies. However, there are rare cases when it is not possible to do this for the first time. Then the doctor can direct the patient to a scan again from another site.

Treatment of scabies

Scabies are treated quickly and successfully with acaricidal medications. Repetitive illness is possible only in cases of re-infection (reinsiasis) or deficiency of the patient. It's enough to follow the instructions and a number of simple rules to get rid of the tick in the shortest possible time.

  • When it comes to several patients, they are in close contact with each other, then treatment should be done simultaneously for all.
  • When treating your nails, you should shortly brush and apply the drug thoroughly to these areas, as egg mites accumulate under the nails.
  • The product is desirable to apply at the end of the day, closer to the period of night activity of ticks. It should be washed not earlier than 12 hours after application, including the period of night sleep.
  • At the end of the course of therapy, bed and bath linen is completely changed.
  • Children should be isolated from the house for 10 days.
  • 2 weeks after the end of treatment, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist again for a re-examination.

In the case of repeated infection, the reaction to the tick appears within a day, because the body is already familiar with the proteins produced by the parasite. It is interesting that after treatment the immunity to scabies is formed, which makes it difficult to re-infect.

Scabies: who is sick of her and why
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