Saprocheitis: symptoms and treatment

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The sacroilitis is called inflammatory processes in the sacro-iliac joint. It can accompany other diseases: tuberculosis of joints and/or bones and brucellosis, Bechterev's disease, arthritis.

The causes of purulent sacroilitis include infection with open trauma or breakthrough abscess inside the bone. There are also acute and chronic purulent sacroilitis.

Depending on the causes and the form of sacroilitis, its symptoms and methods of treatment differ.

Symptoms of acute purulent sacroilitis

  • Temperature rise;
  • chills;
  • Pain in the lower abdomen;
  • Purulent fade (not always);
  • Sharp pains in the area of ​​the iliac joint that increase when palpation of the joint and the wings of the iliac bones, with the extension of the leg, which makes the person constantly keep their legs bent;
  • Strong progression of severe forms of disease;
  • Blood leukocytosis;
  • Increase in the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation (ESR).

With the spread of inflammation on the synovial joint of the joint:

  • Moderate osteoporosis (calcium washout) of the iliac bone and articular parts of the sacrum;
  • Enlargement of the articular crack.

With joint damage to the surfaces (osteoarthritis):

Saprocheitis: symptoms and treatment
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