Rules for transporting the victim with spinal injury

First-Aid Tips - Transport Of The Injured (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Transportation of the victim with spinal injury should always be carried out solely with his full real estate. Only in this way can you avoid unwanted consequences and other damages that may occur when delivering a person to a hospital.

Spine injury is one of the most dangerous for life victim, transportation of which should be carried out under special rules. And in this case it is very important to know the rules for first aid.

Signs of spine injury

Spine injury is not always manifested in complete loss of capacity. Sometimes people may not even suspect that there were some sharp negative changes in their musculoskeletal system. If a back injury, neck or person has been traumatized if you have severe head and neck pain or back, and you experience weakness in your arms or legs, you should pay attention to it and take a doctor's examination. This may be symptoms of spinal injury, in which the victim should be taken to a hospital.

There are also obvious signs that there is evidence of damage to the spine and spinal cord:

  • Impossibility to turn the neck;
  • Paralysis of hands and feet;
  • Lack of sensitivity below the injured area.

Preventive measures during transportation of the victim

If the victim with a trauma of the cervical spine is in the consciousness, then for transportation it can be put on the back. But it is very important to fix his head and neck, placing on both sides of the head of the bag of sand with sand and fixing all the tape of fabric, the width of which should be about 7.5 cm. Also, transportation of the victim with the spine injury suggests that it should be Wrapped in a blanket to prevent cooling.

The same measures are taken with the damage of the lumbar and thoracic sections. But in no case can you lift the patient over the limbs, even in order to move it from place to place. In this case there is a danger of additional injuries to the spinal cord.

In order to prevent displacement of the fragments of the vertebrae, the transport of the victim with the spine should not be carried out in a position lying on the side. To lift and translate the patient must simultaneously have several people to minimize the possibility of mobility of the extremities and the spine itself. Repeated or repeated transplantation of the victim is highly undesirable, even with minor damage to the spinal cord.

Remember that even when delivered to the hospital, the victim may suffer further damage. And it is quite possible that they will have more serious consequences than the trauma itself. Therefore, in each of its movements about the patient should be shown increased caution.

Rules for transporting the victim with spinal injury

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