The risk of diabetes: the psychological factors

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Scientists have identified which psychological types of people are at risk for developing diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus can cause not only physiological causes, such as injuries, viral infections, or autoimmune diseases, but also psychological. The suppression of emotions, inability to manage them, constant tension and chronic stress are all risk factors for developing diabetes mellitus.

Studies in the field of psychosomatics of diabetes revealed certain types of people who are at risk.

The risk of diabetes: who is at risk of diabetes

  • Sensitive. People at risk for diabetes include those who are prone to fullness or who are obese. As a rule, these are good-natured, sensitive people. They are upset because of the slightest troubles and are worried about their surroundings with all their heart. Frequent experiences and strong emotions lead to constant stress and a desire to catch a negative sweet. So there is not only excess weight, but also the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Sad Chronic stress, a negative, and pessimistic view of the world may also increase the risk of developing diabetes. This applies to people who have experienced tragic events and suffer from post-traumatic syndrome.
  • Laughing Surrounding with comfort and the latest technical inventions, we move less, because there is no special need. Sitting, personal transport, escalators, remote control from the TV - all this reduces our movements to a minimum, which negatively affects the general state of the organism. In many cases, in the initial stages of diabetes, it is possible to stop the disease only through physical exercises.
  • Owls People with a broken daily rhythm suffer from diabetes more often than others. The fact is that the endocrine system is most active in the morning hours when the owls sleep. Significant and prolonged violations of natural daily rhythms can provoke violations and changes in the hormonal background, which increases the risk of developing diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes prevention

In order not to fall into these groups of risk, you need to resort to a simple, but effective recipe: move more, go to sleep before, confidently and positively look at life.

The risk of diabetes: the psychological factors

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