Risk factors and causes of pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic Cancer: Signs, Symptoms And Risk Factors (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

The pancreatic cancer develops as a result of structural damage to the DNA of the cells of the gland. The tumor is prone to aggressive growth and early metastasis.

When conducting a histological examination of a cancer of the pancreas, multiple cellular mutations are detected, but the obvious reasons that lead to their appearance are still not established.

Causes of pancreatic cancer

It is now believed that mutations in human body cells often occur, simply these cells become nonviable and, as a rule, die within a certain period of time - all depends on the type of tissue and its properties.

However, sometimes under the influence of external influences, the number of mutations accumulates, and cells with signs of atypia begin to multiply and live their lives - the life of a malignant tumor.

According to statistics, in Ukraine 1 out of 76 people are susceptible to pancreatic cancer, this is an average risk of developing cancer, but people with risk factors are more likely to fall ill.

Risk factors for pancreatic cancer

Only 5-10% of patients with pancreatic cancer can identify relatives with similar or other cancer (such as hereditary adenomatous polyposis, hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer, Gardner syndrome, Hipple's syndrome - Lindau, etc.).

The risk of developing pancreatic cancer in patients with diabetes mellitus is twice as high, although it is still unclear whether it is primarily a cancerous tumor or diabetes mellitus - there are both variants.

Smoking increases the risk of developing pancreatic tumors twice - all experts agree. It is established that 10 years after the abandonment of smoking, the risk of developing cancer decreases and returns to a person's level, never smoked.

Obesity and hypodynamia play an indirect role. As you know, obesity can lead to diabetes, which is a significant risk factor for developing pancreatic cancer. Any physical activity has a beneficial effect on health, doubling the probability of pancreatic cancer.

In 20% of cases cancer is affected by alimentary factors (alcohol, unbalanced diet, food with high levels of fats and meat, especially smoked, the consumption of small quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.), but no clear relationship was detected.

Insufficient amount of lycopene and selenium in food becomes an additional, but not a leading risk factor. Everyone is recommended a diet containing low-fat meat, red and yellow vegetables - they usually contain enough lycopene and selenium.

Predecinal diseases of the pancreas can be traced only in 5% of patients with cancer: chronic pancreatitis, adenomas and cysts of the pancreas, and others.

Risk factors and causes of pancreatic cancer

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