A revolutionary cream will help prevent hiv

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In order for HIV to be able to infect the immune cells, it joins them with the GP120 protein. Typically, drugs try to prevent the virus from multiplying, acting inside the cell. But the nanoparticles do not allow the virus to penetrate inside, affecting it directly from the surface.

The cream was tested successfully in the laboratory on samples of human tissues (the mucous membrane of the cervix). The device starts to work in less than a minute after application, and the effect remains for up to 72 hours. Although the cream is suitable only for vaginal use, the protection is guaranteed and a woman's partner.

The nearest plans of scientists - check the cream on mice with human cells. In addition to HIV, the cream, most likely, will work against other sexually transmitted diseases. These include, in particular, the human papillomavirus.

Other experts are going to give a test kit that will understand how a person will react to antiretroviral therapy. The result should be ready in a few hours.

A revolutionary cream will help prevent hiv
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