Restoring speech after stroke

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Why is a stroke suffering from the function of speech and whether it can eventually return.

One of the most severe complications of a stroke, both for the victim and for relatives, is loss of speech. In practice, the possibility of communication between people is lost, which causes the patient to experience signs of depression and related symptoms that worsen this difficult situation.

Causes and mechanisms

The reason for the loss of speech ability after a stroke is the damage to the so-called linguistic zones of the brain - the Vernicke zone located in the posterior tertiary of the upper temporal gyrus, and the Brock area, which is located in the posterior tertiary of the lower frontal lobe. Normally these areas are on the left, and left-handers are on the right. When defeating the Brock area, the language may be completely lost, whereas in the case of damage to the Vernick area, it usually becomes meaningless.

However, even with a complete loss of speech, the chances of its recovery are quite large. The reason for this is the following features of the brain.

  • It is possible that the linguistic areas of the brain were not damaged when the cerebral circulation was impaired, and the reason for their exclusion was the protective reaction of the brain. The fact is that the brain is trying to maximize the preservation of the neurons, so spreads to the still intact nerve cells specially protects their "braking wave". In this regard, after a certain time, the function of the language can be fully restored.
  • Brain - the structure is largely dynamic and capable of restoring lost functions at the expense of its other zones. With a competent approach to treatment, even with the location of the focus of the stroke in the speech zone, its function assumes the same parts of the brain that are located on the opposite side, as well as the nerve cells located near the functioning remain.

Restorative procedures

The process of restoring lost linguistic function should be started by specialists. It includes medical treatment and speech therapist exercises. Contrary to popular belief, self-selection of speech therapies is as dangerous as self-administered medications. Although exercises can not hurt directly, as improperly prescribed medications, but they can make you feel suffering from the effects of a person's stroke, the failure of his attempts, despair on his own.

Recovery of the language can take quite a long time, where more than restored, for example, motor functions. By the time when a person can properly learn oral speech, it takes more than one year. All this time it is necessary to maintain interest in him, not to let himself be locked in and talk with him, even if at first he does not answer.

In addition to verbal communication and medications, special gymnastic exercises are usually required, massage, in some cases, physiotherapy.

Restoring speech after stroke
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