Recovery after brain injury

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Rehabilitation after the trauma of the brain involves a comprehensive approach not only in the treatment, but also in the recovery period.

First of all, it's worth remembering that recovery after brain injury is a lengthy process, so even with minor injuries (the most common trauma is a concussion), one should not neglect the doctor's recommendations and endure the disease on the legs.

Undoubtedly, bed rest and timely intake of medication are required, even if treatment is carried out at home rather than in a hospital.

Restoration after injury of the brain: general recommendations

Of course, the treatment of concussion of the brain is fundamentally different from the recovery after craniocerebral traumas of various degrees of severity. However, there are many general recommendations for patients who have suffered a brain injury. Following them, you can avoid complications.

  1. An exceptional role in restoring after injury to the brain is played by the relatives of the victim. Doctors note that during rehabilitation, not only the physical, but also psychological comfort of the patient is important. If treatment is at home, then ideally one of the relatives should take a nursing care so that the person who suffered an injury gets the maximum attention and care.
  2. At the restoration stage, a special hazard is a toxic effect. Residents of metropolitan areas and those whose housing is located near industrial enterprises should be isolated from the influence of harmful particles that enter the body by airborne droplets. In addition to daily wet cleaning, air purification devices, ozonizers and humidifiers will help fight the problem.
  3. In the period of rehabilitation, patients often experience sleep disorders. However, taking hypnotics or sedatives, including over-the-counter medicines, is admitted only with the permission of the doctor.
  4. Directions for a diet should also be obtained from a specialist. Prohibited products usually include those that lead to a disturbance of the nervous system: coffee, alcohol, strong tea, etc.
  5. Rehab involves rest and complete rest, any stress can worsen the situation. You need to limit as much as possible external stimuli and reduce the time spent in front of the TV or computer screen.

Finally, it's worth remembering that even relatively light brain injuries can be the cause of the development of various diseases in months after treatment and rehab.

Echoes of the old trauma may include symptoms such as a sharp decline in vision, disturbance in attention, disorientation, frequent dizziness, numbness of the limbs, etc.

In case of sudden occurrence of such symptoms, one should immediately consult a doctor and must always indicate when there was a trauma of the brain so that the specialist could diagnose the problem and prescribe treatment.

Recovery after brain injury
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