Diseases of the respiratory organs

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Respiratory diseases, although they are similar symptoms, are not always colds.

In addition to microbes and viruses, in manifestations of ailments from the respiratory system may be wine allergens of various kinds, as well as the effects of drugs, irritants and even some adverse phenomena of the environment - temperature, humidity or pressure.

Therefore, it is necessary to always accurately identify the causes of respiratory diseases before proceeding to medical treatment. Those drugs that are useful during a cold can have an adverse effect on the course of allergy or exacerbation of chronic pathology.

Dangerous self-medication

About the majority of means for treatment of a cold and respiratory diseases we learn not from the doctor, but from the TV or the Internet. Therefore, hearing that "this remedy will relieve the cough without difficulty," we immediately begin to take it at the first cough symptoms.

In the best case, we read a third of the instruction or the column - "dose of admission". As a result of a banal pharyngitis, we get a bronchitis with pneumonia, and the hospital is delayed for a month and a half. And the volume of medicines sharply increases.

In a similar way, we work with antiviral and immunomodulatory agents. They are used at the first chin, just as easily as vitamins. But artificial interference with immunity can not be painless for the body.

In the best case, it simply does not spoil the picture of the disease and will not prolong its duration. And in the worst case of artificial fluttering of the immune system will lead to a serious malfunction in it. And then the infection will spread throughout the body, resulting in serious complications. Such as pneumonia, angina, sinusitis, complications on the heart, kidneys.

Folk medicine and respiratory diseases

And with folk medicine it is necessary to be no less cautious, especially if the state of health and the illness was not ideal.

  • It is forbidden to rub your legs and sipped in mustard socks for hypertension, people with neurological diseases and disturbance of cerebral circulation. The sharp increase in temperature and severe sweating leads to increased pressure and may result in stroke.
  • With caution in diseases of the respiratory system, you need to apply a variety of rubbing and fats: they clog pores and disturb metabolism, slowing down the allocation of toxins through the skin. In this case, the condition can dramatically deteriorate due to toxicosis.
  • It is dangerous to use different infusions and herbal remedies, especially if you are allergic to life, have a chronic bronchitis or bronchial asthma. This can lead to allergic spasm of the bronchi - the consequences will already be removed by physicians in the hospital.
  • No less dangerous and inhalation over a pair of different essential oils or decoctions of herbs. Not only that the inhalation of hot steam can lead to burns of the respiratory tract, it can also lead to spasm of the bronchi through irritation with extracts of plants of respiratory receptors in the bronchial tree.

According to the old habit

Another mistake of patients is the treatment of respiratory diseases "under old schemes", that is, a set of drugs once prescribed by a doctor.

This is also wrong: it is not possible to apply medication, shown for the treatment of one pathology, without specifying the diagnosis of the current disease.

In other words, those medicines that cure you last time may now be ineffective and inappropriate. To all the rest, in most respiratory diseases there is a similar symptomatology - only a doctor can make an exact diagnosis.

Diseases of the respiratory organs
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