Rescues from the heat: tips from experienced physicians

Beat The Summer Heat (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Weather forecasters promise that August will be hot. Cooling and rain promise only after 20 numbers.

Promedical turned to doctors and found out how to get the hot weather right.

Who is in the risk area

Every year, thousands of Ukrainians receive sunshine and heat blows. First and foremost, pensioners, sick with cardiovascular diseases, plant workers and miners suffer. Being in the forty-degree heat on the street, a heat stroke can get everyone.

As the director of the Zaporizhzhya Health Center Yulia Shponko told, especially overweight people suffer from heat. Most often they also have heart problems. In the past few days, hundreds of retirees turned to doctors, all of them were unconscious in the streets and in transport.

"In a hot period, from 10 to 19 o'clock, we can not be outdoors. We see in trolley buses and trams hundreds of retirees they go to can not understand. We are constantly conducting preventive conversations, asking people not to leave the house in such a weather. And people still ride in such a heat in trolley buses, work in the country areas, then lose consciousness and call "fast", - says the doctor.

Often thermal strikes are received by employees of factories and factories. The shops are stuffy and hot, and physical work already increases the body temperature.

When it's time to call "fast"

"If a person has reddened, he is very sweaty and began to fall, at the same time, there is a noise in her ears and a headache hurts," she said, "she received a heat stroke," the physician says. Often, to bring the "patient" into a feeling, just move it to a cool place, give the water and soak the face. However, if as a result of heat stroke the temperature of the body rises to 42 degrees, it is necessary to call "fast." "Check when it is easy to call physicians when it is a thermal shock. If the skin becomes dry and the person does not sweat, then it is necessary to call" fast " Yulia Shponko.

With a sunshine, blood enters the head, dilating blood vessels. Because of this, if the vessel breaks, a disturbance of the functioning of the central nervous system may occur. "If a person has suffered a sunshine, one must necessarily call" fast ", - the doctor advises.

Doctors advise

The expert advises to carry non-carbonated water. In this case, the water should be at room temperature. Drinking water can be every half hour, but with small sips. Water can also wet the napkin and wipe the face.

Dress up in the light. In this case, the clothes should be made of natural materials, such as flax. The obligatory element of a wardrobe is a panama, a cap or a straw hat. The headgear will save you from a sunshine.

Eat vegetables and fruits. In hot weather it is better to refuse to use fatty, spicy foods. You should also limit the use of sweet. These products enhance sweating.

Give up coffee and strong tea. In addition to water and compotes, you can drink green tea. From the alcohol at the time of the heat doctors advise generally to refuse. You can not drink beer (it dehydrates the body) and sweet, carbonated drinks.

Do not go outside for 10 to 19 hours. If possible, to go outside (and even to the beach) requires up to 10 or after 19 hours. Especially dangerous is under the sun from 11 to 13 hours.

You can use the fan, but be careful. The air flow from the air conditioner or the fan should not get to the person, and blow away. Even more careful, you need to use air conditioning. "If you have a home-built air conditioner, return home, turn it on, and go to the shower or bath, when you return to the room, switch off the air conditioner, and in the evening it's better not to use the air conditioner at all.Just ventilate the room," advise Physicians

Darkness will save you from the heat. In the house on the windows you can hang dark curtains, or blinds. If the sun rays do not get into the room, it can be 2-3 degrees cooler.

With the help of a spray can increase the humidity indoors. You can also moisten the handkerchief and put it on your shoulder.

Rescues from the heat: tips from experienced physicians

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