Rehab with hearing damage

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A change in the attitude of society to people with a variety of violations is possible only with proper correction, rehabilitation and further adaptation.

Types and forms of hearing impairment

In science, distinguish the following violations of hearing, dividing them by degrees:

- slight hearing impairment, not very high level of the ability to perceive the speaker's language, however, nevertheless leads to a hindered understanding of the interlocutor, his own speech is slightly slowed down;

- moderate hearing impairment, delayed speech development, decreased level of ability to perceive the language of the interlocutor;

- severe hearing impairment, the impossibility of spontaneous speech as such, the reception of the speaker is completely absent.

Causes of hearing impairment

The causes of hearing impairment include heredity, rubella during pregnancy, deformation of the auditory passage or auditory stones, genital and everyday injuries, jaundice, oxygen deficiency, meningitis, noise damage, and the like. Some of these violations can also lead to mental retardation, so many people with intellectual disabilities have hearing problems.

Consequences of hearing impairment

Congenital and acquired deafness affects a person differently. Acquired deafness strongly affects the already formed psyche of a person, in this case, the person loses the balance due to the inability to perceive the language speaks, loneliness due to the inability to interact with other people. However, congenital deafness causes serious harm to the development of the child's psyche, and above all, this relates to the formation of the ability to understand the language and use the language.

Language is the most important tool for communication between people, and hence the way of obtaining information, social experience and knowledge, it is the basis of interaction, the ability to express their own emotions and thoughts.

Children learn their mother tongue, listening to their parents, their peers, and other adults. It is clear that for a child with hearing impairment, this way of learning the language turns out to be closed to a greater or lesser extent. The primary task of parents and pedagogical staff is to teach the child to use the rest of the rumor, if available. It is important to teach the child to perceive vibrations, to form a sense of rhythm, to teach them to use vision. The most important thing for a deaf child is to learn sign language.

Linguistic training for such children is a long and painful process, and all people involved in this difficult task require competence, responsibility, patience and the desire to teach the deaf what their peers can hear well with, but the deaf child is so necessary in life, in order to To feel like a full person.

Looking at the problem of deafness superficially, one may think that this issue is only a lack of hearing, however, such an opinion is false, deafness in all its manifestations, above all, is associated with the lack of communicative and linguistic competence.

The systematic training of the deaf child of human perception may partly solve the problem, and, therefore, enable the deaf to get education, adequately interact with other people, thereby directing the development of the personality of the deaf in the bed of normative formation and development of the psyche.

Rehab with hearing damage
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