Red nose: ways to treat rosacea

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Too often, and too brightly reddened person, which finds a network of vessels on the skin, pink rash can be a sign of rosacea. The sooner the patient seeks for qualified help, the better the treatment outlook.

Rosacea (pink acne) is a chronic disease of the skin characterized by a vascular net, red or pink rashes on the face in the form of tubercles, abscesses.

It is considered to be a kind of acne, accompanied by a lesion of blood vessels. Often rosacea suffers and eyes. This disease is more prone to women.

Symptoms of rosacea

  • General reddening of the face with localization more often on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks;
  • Pink rash on the face, including purulent elements;
  • Vascular net;
  • At the later stage, the skin is thickening, men can develop rhinophyme - persistent redness and nasal condensation;
  • Eye damage develops in about 50% of patients, manifested by hyperemia, dryness, painful sensations in the eyes, tearing.

Causes of rosacea

Causes of rosacea are not known exactly. The hypothesis that the whole thing is in the increased sensitivity of the vessels of the skin to everyday stimuli is put forward.

Probable provocative factors are:

Red nose: ways to treat rosacea
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