Red eyes: basic reasons

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The causes of reddening of the eyes may be different. Some of them are not particularly dangerous, and some require an urgent visit to an ophthalmologist.

Red eyes are not only an aesthetic problem, it is sometimes an alarming symptom. If you often have red eyes, do not be lazy to contact an ophthalmologist.

Red eyes: causes

The cause of red eye can be:

  • Too dry air, wind is excessive sunlight, dust;
  • Alien body that has fallen into the eye;
  • Allergic reaction;
  • Inflammatory process;
  • trauma.

Eyes can also be reddened by excessive load on them - for example, when reading, watching TV and working on a computer. Especially if there is a kind of eye pathology: astigmatism or myopia. These causes of red eyes are not dangerous if they are not accompanied by pain and last for several days.

Red eyes as a symptom of diseases

Before the redness of the eyes can lead to various eye diseases. The most common of these are:

Red eyes: basic reasons
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