Recipes of folk medicine for the treatment of nail fungus

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Fungal infections often affect the nail plate, sometimes people note the fact that getting rid of fungus is almost impossible. Folk medicine is the well of effective treatments for one or another disease, and the nail fungus is therefore not an exception.

Recipes of folk medicine that will help you to heal your nails and get rid of the fungus:

1. It is necessary to two or three times to wipe all nails with iodine, after a few days signs of a fungal infection will become much weaker. Plus, iodine will strengthen your nails and prevent their fragility, stratification and other problems.

2. Experts believe that for patients with nail fungus can be a panacea compress with juice of onions. Cut small onions and squeeze juice from it, then wet the cotton disc and attach to the nail, if all your nails "picked up" the fungus, then you must do the same with the rest. Keep onion compresses for about 10 minutes, then you can wash your hands with antibacterial soap.

3. Juice of celandine has long been considered a high-performance antiseptic, and since the fungus is an infection, then the juice of celandine will help to destroy it. Cut several stems of celandine and wipe the nail with a cut-off point from where the juice will stand out. Such a medical procedure can be done several times a day, after two or three days you will see the result.

4. Make a special nail care bath. In warm water, add 5-10 drops of essential oil of tea tree or any other plant that has antiseptic and healing properties. Thanks to the oil, you not only get rid of the fungus, but also moisturize the nail plate and cuticle, which will further affect the beauty of your manicure.

5. Eucalyptus works well with a fungus. You can use eucalyptus oil or tincture from this plant, wiping the fungus affected by the nail or making compresses.

How to protect yourself from the infection of the nail with a fungus

1. In the pool, shower, sauna, where there are other people besides you, take with you rubber slippers, so you do not pick up a fungus and do not slip on the wet floor, which is also very important.

2. Do not wear someone else's shoes. This applies to used shoes, and also bought in second-hand. When taking a visit, always take a shoe for yourself and wear only your sneakers.

3. If you go home in slippers, then they need to be changed as often as possible, as the products of the vital functions of bacteria, released with sweat on the surface of the insole in home shoes, will sooner or later lead to the development of the fungus.

Recipes of folk medicine for the treatment of nail fungus
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