Rare pulse: reasons

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Normal human pulse at rest - 60-80 (up to 100) beats per minute. But depending on the time of day, physical activity, the emotional state of man and his physical health, the pulse rate is constantly changing. What to think if the pulse has fallen below the norm.

Pulse calledperiodic thrombotic oscillations of the arterial walls, which are associated with the heart cycle. A pulse below 60 beats per minute is considered rare.

But these figures are true for an adult. In children up to one year, bradycardia occurs when the number of cardiac counts is less than 100 beats per minute, after a year - less than 80 beats per minute.

Causes of rare pulse

Cardiac pathology is primarily responsible for the development of bradycardia (reduction of heart rate less than 50 beats per minute).

It can cause any processes that lead to changes in the heart muscle:

Rare pulse: reasons
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