Quick diagnosis of stroke

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A stroke is an acute violation of cerebral circulation that develops suddenly and can have very serious consequences.

Cardiovascular disease is ranked first in prevalence in civilized countries. One of the complications of heart and blood vessels is a stroke.

If the violation occurs unexpectedly, suddenly, then this is the first sign of what happened - it's a stroke, which means that an urgent medical treatment is required.

Manifestations of stroke

Various motor function disturbances are often the first signs of a stroke. This may be a sudden weakness of the extremities, disturbances in the coordination of movements, instability of posture and stroke, facial swelling, speech impairment and swallowing, the appearance of dichotomies in the eyes or loss of field of vision, impairment of skin sensitivity.

Often, a stroke is accompanied by a change in the level of consciousness or memory loss, disorientation in the environment, self-identity, the patient ceases to recognize relatives and relatives.

In some cases, the stroke begins with acute headache, vomiting, epileptic seizures. In these cases, it is possible to assume a hemorrhagic variant of a stroke, which has a more severe course and serious consequences than ischemic.

USP method for stroke diagnosis

There is a simple algorithm for diagnosing a stroke that can be used by any person, regardless of education. This is the so-called ultrasound method. You need to ask the patient:

  • smile (if asymmetric smile, one corner of his mouth is lowered if the tongue showing "drag" in any way, it may be a sign of a stroke);
  • talk (if it is given to the victim hard, broken, meaningless ("verbal hash"), this may be a sign of a stroke);
  • raise both hands (if one hand is raised with difficulty, if at the closed eyes of one hand "goes" to the side and down, this could be a sign of stroke).

Unfortunately, often it happens that you wake up in the morning with a weakened hand or zaplitayetsya language and impaired speech or numbness half of the body, or distorted face, who fell ill believes that "vidlezhav," "sleep," "before lunch it will be "Or that" it is possible to tolerate the morning "if the disorder has occurred at night. But if it's a stroke, it's just not going to happen, and the violations either remain or will intensify, and further deterioration may already endanger life.

When stroke, the earliest beginning of treatment leads to a better state after an acute period. While the delayed receipt to hospital or taken various home treatments can only worsen the situation and make proper treatment unlikely.

Quick diagnosis of stroke
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