Purulent otitis can be cured at home

Otitis Media - Usmle Step 2 Review (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Otitis is a disease associated with an inflammatory process in the ear, which is accompanied by an unbearable shoots, a pain in pain. There are acute and chronic bronchitis, and the negative consequence of the lack of timely treatment is the manure secreted from the anus. In this case, the otitis is called purulent, it is necessary to treat it urgently, but it is not necessary to run to the doctor, it is possible to use recipes from folk medicine that will help to quickly correct the problem and cure this disease:

1. The easiest way to treat purulent otitis media, which many patients use, is the use of lemons with peel. One must take one lemon, wash it, cut it into four equal parts and chew one of them, and put the other three in the refrigerator. You can eat lemon in the morning and in the evening for several days, but if no improvements are made, be sure to visit the LORA.

2. Onion is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic, it quickly removes inflammation and destroys viruses, so you can use it in the treatment of purulent otitis media. You will need a juicer, through which you need to skip one small bulb. The juice you get will need to wet the cotton swab. Carefully place in the sick ear a swab moistened with onion juice, and wrap your head with a warm shawl to achieve a warming effect. In the morning, remove the bandage and remove the tampon, maybe the ear will no longer hurt.

3. Instead of onion juice you can use medical alcohol diluted with boiled water in the ratio 3: 1. The method of treatment itself is identical to the previous one.

4. The use of hot milk in the treatment of purulent otitis is widespread. You will need 50 ml of milk, which should be brought to a boil and add a few drops of hemp oil in it, stir, take a pipette and drown the sick ear. You will need 5-6 drops of milk with butter. They say that this method is the best, since it almost immediately removes the pain in the ear.

5. Probably, you have repeatedly heard that oil of sea buckthorn has antiseptic and analgesic properties, therefore it will be logical to use it for treatment of purulent otitis media. Mix one drop of liquid honey and sea buckthorn oil, drown them with a sick ear. Make a small cotton swab and close the auditory passage, it is advisable to take a horizontal position, leaning his head on a healthy ear. After 40-60 minutes you can remove the cotton swab and you will feel better at once.

Purulent otitis can be cured at home

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